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Doctors Versus Specialists Versus Surgeons

There are innumerable professions that can be found around the world. These professions may vary from the field of engineering to the field of accounting. One such field is the field of medicine. It is one of the most respected and highly appreciated field as after God, only medical professionals can save a person from dying or in metaphorical terms can give him a second life. Doctors, general practitioners, nurses, surgeons, specialists and other medical staff members come under the category of medical professionals. However, we will be particularly discussing about the comparison between doctors versus specialists versus surgeons. In fact, we will be elaborating everything about doctors in this article.


Doctors are the group of people who have done bachelors in medicine and bachelors in science. They have also attained their medical license after doing house job for a year. So, they can open their own medical clinic and can start their medical practice. The doctors who do not study further after attaining their medical job license are known as general practitioners. General practitioner or gp can treat any kind of acute or chronic illness. Moreover, he can perform regular checkups and can diagnose the patient. If the patient can be treated by medication then he prescribes him the required medication but if the condition of a patient is complicated then he refers him to the surgeon or a specialist.


Specialists are the doctors who continue their study even after attaining their medical job license. They complete a course of almost four years to specialize in particular part or organ of a body. The doctor who specializes in heart is known as cardiologist or heart specialist. The doctor who has specialized in treating the nervous system related issues is known as neurologists. Similarly, there is dental specialist who has specialized in dentistry. Another specialist is gynaecologist who has specialized in treat8ng the women related health issues. Dermatologist, oncologist and paediatrician are specialists who have specialized in the field of skin, cancer and children respectively.


Surgeons are the doctors who are expert in performing the surgery or doing the operation. Surgeons not only perform the surgery but also deal with the pre-operative and post operative procedures as well. There are general surgeons who are expert enough to operate almost every part of a body. Then there are orthopaedic surgeons who can treat and operate every kind of skeletal system related issue.


Medical profession is run by different group of medical professionals. Even doctors can also be further categorized. General practitioners, specialists and surgeons can be counted under the category of doctors. Doctors are considered as semi-gods because after God only doctors can save a person from dying. This is the reason that doctors are one of the most appreciated and highly respected people. They spend half their life in studying while other half in saving people’s life. “Mind your health medical centre” have appointed the best doctors who are expert in their respective fields. Check this link to find out more details.

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