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Features Of A&D Scales And Different Models

A&D is one the leading multinational company providing the high quality scales which provide the accurate measurements every time. This company provides the scale throughout the world and has offices in different countries such as Australia, China. UK and USA. There are plenty of models of scales that this company manufacturer and each has its own set of features and is suitable for a particular kind. Following are some of the models along with the functions these provide.

A&D scales pocket scales:

As the name represent this series of the A&D scales is highly compact and could be carried anywhere easily. These are used for weighing small weights such as the jewellery, gemstones, or in manufacturing units for the measurement of weight of various small parts. It has range in ounces and grams. These A&D scales are light in weight, have touch tare functionality, works on the battery and have a significantly large LED display to easily read the scale. These are easy to calibrate as well and you could change the units by a single touch. These come with a protective cover as well so that the weight scale could be saved from any kind of the damage during the travel. There are several designs and models in this A&D scales pocket series with varying speed, price, weight range, design and battery.

A&D scales compact series:

These are also the compact scales but are bigger than the pocket series. The interesting feature of this series is that it comes with the colour bar which could be set to three different colours. There are eight units of weight in this single device. This also comes with the case which has enough space for you to stack more than one. This is also available in the stainless steel, some of these models are even chargeable. These also come with the antitheft security. The battery of this is also long enough. Some designs come with additional features such as indicator for low battery, additional keys, stability indicator for weight and others.


A&D scales high capacity series:

This device allows user to enter the weight directly as a standard. These are highly accurate devices and offer high performance and quality. This comes with the 10 keys pad for providing different operation. This also has the automatic power off and on feature in it.

A&D scales wash down series:

These are used for the commercial and residential use and these are designed with the material which is dust proof as well as the water proof. This is portable and could be taken everywhere easily and works on battery so could be used in the areas where there is no power. The design also uses the stainless steel material and has very long lasting battery.

The A&D scales are available in much more models and there are countless series for measuring almost all kind of weights and each of these products are reasonably priced and come with a warranty.For more information visit our website

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