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Services Provided By Platinum AC

Platinum AC is the company based in Australia that provides services of split system air conditioning, and other air conditioning services. Air conditioners have become very necessary in summers because due to increased global warming, it has become very difficult to survive in such hot climate and this is the reason a lot of people are now considering getting air conditioning system in their homes so that they can live peacefully. Even if you like summers, at some point you will need something that gives cold breeze because it is so relaxing in summers. People who like summers may go outside and have some fun and after getting tired, all they will need is air conditioner to relax and to have a peaceful sleep. In winters, people use heaters and in summers, people use air conditioners. In some regions, summers are just for a small period of time but the heat is very extreme so because of the short time of summers, people do not install air conditioners but this can take away your peace in summers as you will not be able to sleep properly. This is the reason you should get air conditioning system in your home so that you can have a peaceful and relaxing sleep. Platinum AC is the platform that will provide you with air conditioning services in manly which are of high quality. If you want to know more about our services, then continue reading as they are discussed below.

Split system air conditioning

Split system air conditioning is best for the people who do not have windows in their rooms and the people who have big rooms. It comprises of two units, the indoor one and the outdoor one. The outdoor one is compressor which is attached at the back of the wall where the indoor unit is installed. This implies that both the units are installed on same wall but in opposite directions. If there is not a space at the back of the wall to install compressor, then it can be installed somewhere else but close to the indoor unit as much as possible.

Ducted heating and cooling

We also provide the ducted heating and cooling conditioning to your homes. This is the centralised one which means it covers all the rooms and not only it provides cooling system but it is also best for winters as it provides heating as well. So it is a two in one package and if you want to install ducting heating and cooling system, then you should definitely contact Platinum AC as we are expert and professional in this work. You can visit our website to know more about our work. For more information visit our website:

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