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Ways To Improve Productivity In The Workplace

Maintaining proper productivity levels is hard as humans naturally get tired and fed up of monotonous work and they might give up halfway through. You might see your employees spending very long hours at the office but the question is, how much of work is getting done per day? It ultimately all comes down to the amount of work you do, not the number of hours you put in. So here are some simple steps to be taken to increase the productivity of your workers. Instill accountabilityIrresponsible and reckless work can be avoided if you make your workers accountable for their actions and decisions. Of course you can give them ample freedom in doing their work during the week however, at the end of the day you need to be firm on achieving the targets. Let them know that you are paying close attention to the results and that they are answerable to any decisions taken. This will make them think twice before making any hasty decisions as now they cannot blame one another. On the other hand, accountability gives them a sense of ownership so that they feel that the company is their own and that they need to work with due diligence and care to ensure the company reaches heights that they expect. For example give your employees the freedom to work with decent industrial designers and come up with innovative products that will boost the company immensely, but let them know that they are answerable for their actions. 

Motivate and reward for good results

You cannot expect higher performance from employees if you are not willing to recognize them and reward them for the good work.  It is quite natural for humans to lose their morale as time passes, so it is your responsibility to provide incentives so that they can work towards them. For example if you have an innovative culture, recognize any employee with a new electronic product design Melbourne that will take the entire market by storm. It is vital that you give words of encouragement and a pat on the back when they feel down. Rewards can be monetary or non-monetary such as promotions, leave days, recognition in front of others etc. Break the routine Having employees put on the same tasks every day and every week is going to create counterproductive behavior. To break the monotony, make use of job rotation, job enrichment, job enlargement and other such strategies to keep your employees engaged in their work. Also have random outings or any such fun activities so that they can get out of the boring work lives for some time.

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