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Which Harmful Activities Are Included In Our Environment?

As we all know the environment is an essential thing for us. If the environment is clean, then we have a better life and health. Hence, it is our responsibility to take action for cleaning it and do planning about the safety of the environment.

There are several factors on which we have to pay attention and due to which our environment is affected badly. So, the following is the list of things that affects our environment and the land dispute lawyer creates the planning of the system for the protection of the environment.

Factors that affect our environment:Noise pollution:

The most common thing that is affecting our environment is noise pollution. There are several ways through which noise pollution is spreading like the use of horn of vehicles, use of loud music in many pubs, and many others. Hence, the land dispute lawyer in sydney is planning to create laws for noise pollution. These laws will help to reduce this pollution and our world will become a place where people can live in peace.

Light pollution:

Well, light pollution sounds to be awkward but light pollution is affecting our environment in various ways. The extra use of light is harmful to the environment. Hence, the land dispute lawyer is planning to create a scheme through which the environment is protected and energy efficiency is maintained.

Waste disposal:

Well, the new facilities require the planning for the waste disposal. Wastes are playing a vital role in making our environment dirty. Hence, the land dispute lawyeris planning to create such laws that will provide facilities to the people for disposing of their waste. Additionally, if the law will not be followed, then there is punishment for that specific person.

Development of different things on contaminated land:

Well, much pollution is caused by the construction companies. Hence, the land dispute lawyer has the law with which the company has to take permission before the new development. The property consent will assure people for cleaning the place before and after the development of anything. Hence, this act is published in the environmental protection act 1990. So, people have to follow it otherwise there is a punishment for the construction company and the owner.

Conservation areas development:

In society or areas, many architects are available who plan to build the specific building or town based on the planned architect. Hence, it may include cutting down trees and many other natural resources which is a huge loss. For this purpose, the contractor has to agree that he will design things in a way that the natural things are harmed less.


In short, several things are present that results in the pollution of our environment. Hence, the government is planning new laws and many laws are already present. So, it is our responsibility to follow those rules and make this world a happy place to live in.

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